Alves Bandeira and Staples offer discounts

Refueling the car and, with it, filling the children's backpack with school supplies or changing the office chair for a new one is the proposal of Alves Bandeira. The company dedicated to the resale and distribution of fuels closed a partnership with Staples that allows you to exchange points for discounts.

Starting today,  Alves Bandeira's clients who participate in the Loyalty Program can exchange their points for two-euro discount vouchers at Staples stores. To obtain a voucher, it is necessary to exchange 100 points, which is the equivalent of refueling 10 liters.

«This type of value-added partnership allows our customers, by refueling at our stations, to besides benefiting from a direct discount of up to 12 cents per liter, to also be able to enjoy an additional discount for purchases made in our partners or in our Bluemarket stores», says Pedro Mascarenhas, Marketing Director at Alves Bandeira.

The responsible also points out that, in the case of the agreement with Staples, we can quickly conclude that they are «offering the customer an additional saving of 20 cents per liter since with a refuel of only 10 liters, equivalent to 100 points, you can get a voucher of 2 euros at Staples».

The exchange can be carried out at a gas station or on the website of the Alves Bandeira loyalty program, which currently also has an ongoing campaign: through the initiative "Win prizes every month", the company will offer discounts to use in Alves Bandeira stores and vouchers related to partners such as MediaMarkt, Minipreço, Netflix, Odisseias, Sport TV, Vila Galé and Wook.
Alves Bandeira and Staples offer discounts