Matrax Tyres, the perfect choice for your vehicle.


Matrax Tyres was born thinking about the needs of discerning and demanding motorists. It is a young and innovative brand, developed in the era of sustainability, which presents a complete range of tyres for cars, SUVs and 4x4. Innovative technology, demanding quality control and highly regulated safety standards are part of Matrax's day-to-day work. A work that focuses on four key points: innovation, design, safety and trust, always in search of customer satisfaction.

At the core of Matrax Tyres is a long history of determination in design, engineering, development, manufacture and global distribution. A commitment present in the innovative drive of the Alves Bandeira Group, with over 50 years of history. The group's motto - Energy that moves - conveys a clear and distinctive message, focused on harmony and trust between customer and product.

To build the best tyres and exceed motorists' expectations, Matrax Tyres is a world leader in engineering, sustainable manufacturing and distribution, developing efficient and cutting-edge tread designs and technologies that deliver the best product and driving experience. The brand prioritises maximum grip, ensuring drivers are safe and in total control. How does it do it? It builds what it wants for itself, sharing it with the world.

Matrax Tyres' offer for light vehicles starts with the Coloma range, designed to combine safety and maximum fuel economy, available in various widths and with diameters from 13 to 15 inches. Matrax Coloma tyres have lateral grooves designed to prevent noise emissions for quieter driving. In these tyres, the tread compound is softer, adapting better to the roughness of the road and conveying superior comfort. The flexible compounds, meanwhile, allow a stable bond between the tyre and the surface for greater traction on wet or dry surfaces.

For higher performance cars, Matrax offers the Morucha in sizes from 15 to 17'. In a Morucha tyre, the tread characteristics reduce contact noise and its dissipation compounds keep heat generation and rolling resistance to a minimum for greater fuel efficiency. Ensuring safe driving on slippery roads, the blade-shaped tread grooves effectively channel water.

Matrax's top-of-the-range light-duty tyre is the Urcola, an ultra-high performance tyre designed for true sports cars, in sizes from 16 to 20'. Urcola is built with advanced compounds that provide optimised traction in dry or wet conditions. To reduce the risk of aquaplaning these tyres feature three wide grooves and one thin groove. The casing structure has high stiffness for increased cornering stability and the wide contact areas maximise steering precision and traction.

Matrax also offers a complete range for SUVs and 4x4s. Starting with the Veragua FX, intended for large SUVs and in sizes from 18 to 22'. Besides providing an exciting drive and agile performance, this tyre has four main grooves that increase water dispersion, stability and directionality against aquaplaning. The central spindle directs momentum and provides reduced tyre wear. The outer tread blocks are fortified for increased traction during demanding driving, with high wear resistance, while the optimised pattern design helps to add traction and reduce noise.

Next is the Veragua SUV, designed for SUVs and crossovers and available in various sizes, with rim sizes ranging from 16 to 20'. This tyre allows worry-free driving in all seasons with variable weather conditions and comfortable, quiet driving. The centre tread provides greater control and lower noise to improve driving stability, ride comfort and safety.

The Veragua SUV tyre's casing offers greater road contact and the four main grooves provide effective water dispersion to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. The oblique lateral grooves and the multirazor ribs ensure steering stability, noise reduction and water dispersion. The Veragua SUV also has 3-level tread wear indicators. Uniquely designed, they indicate visually the condition of the tyres for safe driving.

The Matrax Veragua A/T, on the other hand, is designed for SUVs and 4x4s. Sized from 15 to 18', it is a tyre for all circumstances, thanks to a tread design that works well on dry, wet, muddy or slightly snow-covered roads. The Matrax Veragua A/T has abrasion-resistant sidewalls, increased rubber thickness and a design that deflects invasive objects, avoiding damage to the profile.

The 3D lugs maximise directionality and traction by stabilising the tread blocks and providing biting edges in light snow. The indirect shoulder design allows for increased mud, snow and rock traction, while the optimised tyre shape evenly distributes stress for longer and more even wear.

Finally, the Matrax Veragua M/T is the best option for tackling the toughest conditions, in 15' and 17' sizes. The gripping edges and extra sidewalls have been reinforced to reduce the risk of puncture. At the same time, the compounds are also reinforced and contribute to exceptional durability and resistance against cuts, chips and scrapes. The reinforced Veragua M/T shoulder and tread design provide exceptional traction and protection against off-road impacts. And the improved block design increases control and traction in these environments, quickly scattering sand, dirt and gravel for flawless off-road traction.

Matrax Tyres, the perfect choice for your vehicle.